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The SCIENCE Experience…

What is your relationship to science? Do you consider it a burden, a chore, an added complexity to your lessons that you could sooner do without? Or do you see science as a dynamic opportunity to explore nature, interactions, and relationships? Between the two views is a spectrum of attitudes we have developed toward science, in part based on our own experiences with science.


By default, our own relationship to science influences the type of environment we are willing to create that promotes and enhances a child's experiences and opportunities for discovery. Our comfort level with the material and confidence with scientific knowledge impacts how we communicate science to children. Our definition and interpretation of what science is (and isn't) for children affects how we develop content, classroom centers, activities and experiments.


The articles contained in this section are designed to empower teachers in expanding their science repertoire in order to assist children in expanding their foundational knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

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