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If you find that your class is having difficulty putting together the snowflake puzzle, there are several ways you can assist them. You can have them line up all three pieces in a row so that they look identical or you can put two of the pieces together for them, and let them complete the puzzle with the third piece. In addition, you may wish to provide your class with a copy of the uncut hexagon. They can use this as an orientation guide to forming the snowflake inside the hexagon.




Snowflake Hexagon Puzzle


Using the hexagon template, cut along the outer dark lines.


Cut out three parallelograms along the inner solid lines.


Fold each parallelogram along the dotted line to make a triangle.


Stack the three folded triangles and cut into each edge to make your snowflake cutouts. Be sure to leave some of the folded edge intact. NOTE: To make a pefectly symmetrical snowflake, you need to make identical cuts on two of the triangle's sides.

Unfold your triangles and you will have three identical parallelogram-shaped puzzle pieces.

Placing the pieces on a piece of black construction paper makes it easier to see the pattern in the pieces.

printable snowflake template


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