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Professional Development Training

how2SCIENCE customizes its curricula, training programs and workshops to meet your school, institution or organization's specific needs.

Because how2SCIENCE shows your staff how-to develop science content, classroom implementation and integration can be adapted to individual teaching and student learning styles. Our consultants train your staff in the "process" making the skills they learn today a renewable resource that can be transfered to new teachers.


Capacity-building, resource development and program assessment

All-staff professional development training

Train-the-trainer workshops

Comprehensive lesson plan content analysis

Staff performance reviews

Focus group and peer review

Curricular materials development

School-based, after-school enrichment programs

Seminars and Workshops can be configured as 1 hour, half-day and full-day programs.

Hands-on and Minds-on Inquiries
Scientific Reasoning...The Fourth R
From Bubbles to Beehives-Connecting Concepts
Be SMART-Integrating Science, Math and ART
The Science Experience: For The Birds
The Science Experience: Give Me Five! Senses
The Science Experience: Content, Process & Discovery
Show, Tell and Do Science
Nature, Science & Judaism
The Knowledge Garden: Sunflower Project
EPIC Science-Educational Practices for Inclusive Classrooms

For more information about how2SCIENCE's approach to science education for young children and professional development training, please refer to Developing A Science Story and the related links on the page.

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