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Encouraging Young Explorers

Children are naturally curious... observing, exploring, making predictions, and testing out their predictions through the manipulation of the materials in their environment. A child does not have to be taught to explore the world around them. Rather, it is a natural process that is integral to a young child's development.


But Children Are Not Scientists...
Child-directed discovery activities encourage the young explorer, but if kept exclusively within the child's domain the opportunity to impart foundational knowledge or develop process skills may be lost without teacher input. A conceptual framework provides children with the best of both worlds, namely, opportunities for discovery and exploration as well as science content that not only enriches the discovery process but also enhances the child's ability to understand the world around them.

The Sun Moves Across The Sky...
Some observations while seemingly correct can nonetheless lead to erroneous conclusions. There are many fundamental principles in science. Some concepts can be directly observed; others not. There are specific ways of applying scientific inquiry skills and methodology, a process. And sometimes, despite the best methodology and careful observation incorrect conclusions about how things work will occur without teacher-provided context or complementary guided instruction.

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