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Developing A

Science Story

Building Process And

Problem-Solving Skills

Developing Context-

Based Content

Creating Embedded

Opportunities For

Further Learning

EPIC Science:  Educational Practices for Inclusive Classroom


Provide context to your explorations-a connection. 

Use experiments/demonstrations to illustrate key concepts.

Use child-world references:  examples and materials.

Provide children with multi-sensory opportunities, a sensory-rich environment.

Use multiple examples to convey key concepts.

Create embedded opportunities for further learning (take home projects, easy-to-repeat activities, and through topic/subject selection).

Share a story, a science story, using both words and illustrations.


What are science stories?

Science stories are interactive, content-driven explorations that can be adapted to individual teaching styles and student learning methods.  The science story approach provides educators with a framework for developing enriched science content.  

Science Stories…

Provide children with a structural framework for organizing information;

Identify and provide opportunities for dispelling common misconceptions;

Build confidence through active exploration and interactive discussion;

Encourage the direct application of inquiry and process skills;

Engage children in creative and critical thinking processes; and,

Give children the “license” to apply fundamentals to future explorations.  



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