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Van Gogh ’s Sunflower Series


Vincent Van Gogh was a very famous artist.  He lived in Europe in the late 1800’s.  Van Gogh painted many different nature themed paintings.  He painted quite a few paintings of sunflowers.  Some of his paintings had just two flowers, while others had a whole vase full.


Try this multiplication and addition word problem to figure out how many sunflowers Van Gogh painted in all. 


When Van Gogh was living in Paris, France he painted 3 paintings with 2 sunflowers in each, and 1 painting with 4 sunflowers in it. 

How many sunflowers did he paint in Paris?



A few years later, Van Gogh moved to Arles, France and painted some more paintings.  This time he painted 1 vase with 3 flowers, another vase with 5 flowers; and then 2 vases filled with 12 flowers each, and lastly 3 vases filled with fifteen flowers each. 

How many sunflowers did he paint in Arles? 



Can you calculate the total number of sunflowers Van Gogh painted in all of these pictures?




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